Tone Projects develops unique software effects & instruments with distinct character based on uncompromising musical and technical quality. Formerly known as OtiumFX.Unique audio plug-ins | built with ears

About Us

Tone Projects is a labor of love run by Rune Lund-Hermansen, Denmark, dedicated to creating unique audio plug-ins with distinct character based on uncompromising musical and technical quality. Most products are developed closely surrounded by fellow musicians, producers, sound engineers and coders.

We launched in 2004 under the OtiumFX brand and over the years released a small selection of plug-ins. These plug-ins were very well received with underground producers all over the world and slowly word began to spread to more established producers earning us a reputation for having some of the longest development cycles in the industry but also some of the most unique and finely tuned products.

Tone Projects - Unique Audio Plug-ins - Built with Ears (Formerly known as OtiumFX)

In 2010 we changed our name to Tone Projects. The vision for Tone Projects today is to continue creating innovative & specialized audio software with a signature sound and balanced workflow.
Our philosophy is to only engage in projects that truly excite ourselves and offer something new or better than what already exists. Our development style is based on research and exhaustive experimentation where every tiny internal detail is tweaked while auditioning the result in a relevant musical context. We test every possible variation so you don't have to, and we include only the best sounding options.

That's why we say our products are built with ears.

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You are always welcome to get in touch. Feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated, and should you have questions don't hold them back. We would love to hear from you.

Tone Projects is located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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