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Tone Projects Compadre Beatpuncher


Below you will find all our VST plug-ins. You are encouraged to try the free trial versions before purchasing to ensure that it meets your requirements.

Detailed information and screenshots are found by clicking the "More info" link under each product.

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Sonitex STX-1260

SONITEX is the ultimate Lo-Fi workstation. It offers a complete suite of processing dedicated to adding texture to digital audio. This allows you to bring the gritty vibe from vinyl records and vintage hardware samplers into your modern DAW environment.

"I just wanna say that this plugin is amazing....all the colours one could ever want...from wacky old vintage samplers to smooth vinyl vibes. Great for a working TV/Games composer to get those retro sounds from a computer very quickly...simply amazing."

- Mark Twine / MediaTypes Music Productions
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Compadre beatpuncher

Compadre is a dynamics processor designed especially for use on beats, drum loops and other percussive material. Whether you're looking for subtle enhancements or heavy duty compression, Compadre is an extremely efficient and flexible solution.
Features true stereo sidechaining and BPM-synced release.

"I was using it on a drum loop, I loved the tightness and thickness that it was giving the track. I tried ALL of my other compressors 1176's, LA2A's, Waves, and the list goes on. NOTHING CAME CLOSE to what the Compadre was doing to the track."

- Fred Coury / Cinderella / LA Music Awards Career Achievement in Rock Drumming.
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Click for more info on Tone Projects Basslane

Basslane is the original freeware classic used in countless productions to control the stereo width of lower frequencies on tracks and mixes.

"All in all, I find this an indispensable mixing tool, and best of all it's free!"

- review by Arglebargle
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