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Press Notes

Basslane (...) is a freeware VST plug-in for PC that should interest anyone who's having their tracks pressed to vinyl, or is simply concerned that the bottom end of their music lacks definition. It's a low-pass filter that lets you collapse the stereo width of all frequencies below a user-defined threshold down to mono, to prevent the stylus jumping out of the vinyl groove. Many musicians are also convinced that content below about 300Hz should be mono, to retain low-end punch. At the mixing stage you can simply pan your basslines and kick drums to the centre, but Basslane is a handy tool for letting you hear the difference on a track in progress, and it's even more useful if you're presented with a pre-mixed track for mastering that has wide bass. Of course, the harmonics of the affected instruments may extend higher than the filter cutoff and remain in stereo, but you can audition the 'before and after' effects of the treated part of the spectrum to check.

- Martin Walker | Sound On Sound

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Basslane VST is the only plugin I couldn't live without. (..) Nothing else does what it does as easily and convincingly.

- Chopper on forum | Mastering Engineer

Basslane certainly does the job.

- OliverV on forum

I recently discovered Basslane when I was looking for a way to center/mono the deep bass frequencies of a Chapman Stick track I had recorded that featured a tempo-delay on it (...) After setting the cutoff frequency (the pre/post monitoring options really help with this) and collapsing just frequencies below that to mono, the deep bass tones became solid and punchy while leaving the upper frequencies to bounce around in the stereo field. (...) Highly recommended.

That basslane plug is awesome. Nice. I always keep my subs mono, but this is a very cool plug for the drum buss.

- Methlab on forum

A great product at an unbeatable price.

- Aloysius on forum

BassLane is a GREAT little utility plugin! If you have issues with a certain area of the spectrum being too wide, this is the solution for you. (...) All in all, I find this an indispensable mixing tool, and best of all it's free!

- review by Arglebargle
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