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Tone Projects Sonitex-stx-1260

Sonitex STX-1260 Sonic Texturing Plugin

Sonitex is the ultimate Lo-Fi workstation. It offers a complete suite of processing dedicated to adding texture to digital audio. Sonitex allows you to bring the gritty vibe from vinyl records and vintage hardware samplers into your modern DAW environment.

Format: VST (Windows XP, Vista or Win7)
Version: 1.7 - Version history
Price: $74

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Key Features

Tone Projects Sonitex STX-1260 - Sound like Vinyl Records

Vinyl Emulation

Sonitex features the most detailed vinyl emulation around. Comprising distortion, pitch warping, sibilance, frequency response and a flexible noise section with individual controls for pops, clicks and base noise you'll be able to dial in the exact amount and type of vinyl flavour needed.

Tone Projects Sonitex STX-1260 - Sound like early samplers

Old School Sampler

Vintage hardware samplers are renowned for their lo-fi characteristics which add a gritty quality to the sound. This has to do with many aspects ranging from limited bit-depth to dynamic filtering. Sonitex offers a flexible sampling stage allowing you to emulate a range of different sampler configurations.

Tone Projects Sonitex STX-1260 - Sound like anything warm, retro and classic

Crush in Style. Any Style

Sonitex excels at making tracks sound like a dusty record through an old 12-bit sampler. Fresh vinyl or an aged phonograph - the choice is yours.
But Sonitex is not limited to vinyl and samplers: Perhaps the vocal needs to sound like a classic movie clip on warped tape, or maybe the piano just needs to sound less sterile. The key is flexibility. Sonitex can be used to add a subtle analog feel to your tracks, for severe Lo-Fi degradation or for sound sculpting & creative effects.

Sonitex screenshot

MusicTech Magazine Recommended Award for Sonitex

"An ideal choice for anybody who likes their loops noisy and gritty. Sonitex STX-1260 is capable of a wide range of lo-fi treatments - from the sublime to the ridiculous - all within the one plug-in"
Score: 9/10.

"I wish I had discovered this plugin much sooner! This is all I need for distortion and saturation. Vinyl mode is very interesting. Not only does it sound lo-fi, it also sounds fat. It is a king of distortion."

Akira Yamaoka (Producer/Composer of the popular video game "Silent Hill")
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