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Press Reviews

An ideal choice for anybody who likes their loops noisy and gritty. Sonitex STX-1260 is capable of a wide range of lo-fi treatments - from the sublime to the ridiculous - all within the one plug-in.

Score 9/10 in MusicTech Magazine

MusicTech Magazine Recommended Award for Sonitex

My two main impressions while testing Sonitex STX-1260 were the facts that it is such a fun plugin to work with, and that it enhances the processed material in a very convincing way. Don’t get me wrong here, if you push this plugin too hard your audio will easily begin to sound like a warbled noisy mess… but even so it will sound like a noisy mess that came as a product of messing with different pieces of hardware gear rather than some virtual digital effect. And if used with taste and proper sense of measure, it can perform as a perfect tool for adding texture and a sense of movement to the otherwise sterile digital audio.

Review on bedroom producers blog

Sonitex review on bedroom producers blog

The centrepiece of the Sonitex STX 1260 experience is its vinyl emulation, which is pretty comprehensive (...) You can turn your pristine loop into anything from an audiophile high‑grade disc played for the first time, to a knackered charity‑shop find. In fact, it can do more than just vinyl; the presets include some quite effective cassette-tape emulations, and the band‑pass filter used to control bandwidth is resonant, so you can set up a fairly convincing tape "head bump" if you want to. (...) All in all, Sonitex STX 1260 is one of those plug‑ins that could keep you busy for quite a while. (...) I personally found it most useful as a pure distortion processor, running as an auxiliary effect to add colour to vocals or drums. In this role, its big plus is the accuracy with which you can shape the tone of the distorted signal.

Review in Sound On Sound magazine

Sonitex review in Sound On Sound magazine

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I really love Sonitex, it's very much THE BEST tool for what it does - so much more musical than many of the other options. I just used sonitex to give a finishing touch of vibe on tracks that just today won my company a huge Cadillac job - the right amount of 70's scuzz that I couldn't get as DAMN GOOD SOUNDING with any of my usual other suspects for aging/distressing/vibing out... Sonitex really is the best at what it does, just sounds magical.

- Rafter Roberts | Singing Serpent

I wish I had discovered this plugin much sooner! This is all I need for distortion and saturation. Vinyl mode is very interesting. Not only does it sound lo-fi, it also sounds fat. It is a king of distortion.

- Akira Yamaoka | Producer/Composer of the popular video game "Silent Hill"

Sonitex just blows me away. One of the most verstatile and musical plugins I've ever used going back to when VST was first created. This is my go-to plug now for creating interesting textures out of any type of source material. It's a desert island plugin for sure. I've always been a bit wary of these lofi bitcrushers as they never seemed to capture the warmth and vibe of the old samplers I grew up on such as the Mirage and Sp12, but this plugin has character in spades. I really can't say enough how good it is.

-Jesse Skeens | Producer / Mastering Engineer at Medway Studios

I have to say I'm very impressed by Sonitex. I've been wanting a plugin that does all these things for a long time. It's also by far the best sounding (and most advanced) vinyl emulation plugin I've heard.

Absolutely love that gem. I think I pretty much use it everyday in the studio for something. Same with the Basslane, and some Compadre.

-Senator Adam | The New Law

I just wanna say that this plugin is amazing....all the colours one could ever want...from wacky old vintage samplers to smooth vinyl vibes. Great for a working TV/Games composer to get those retro sounds from a computer very quickly...simply amazing.

The Sonitex STX-1260 is the best plugin for dance music ive ever used. Its my secret weapon. The sibilance section alone has other international producers asking me how i get my masters sounding so incredible like that!

- Darren Glen | DJ Producer - Remixer | PITCH DARK (Vicious)

Its got the perfect feature set, its totally stable, and it sounds gorgeous!!! (...) I've been waiting for a plugin like this for a long while now. It actually compares very well to my EMAX I in sound quality, and I can go a lot farther with its extensive feature set.

- Mark Jones | HipHop producer

I just purchased Sonitex, and from now on, I can't live without it anymore. Combined with Compadre, it quickly gives my drums this warm, tight and boxy "Dr. Dre" sound without hours of struggling into these classical (expensive) hardwares. This is definitly the Hip-Hop DAW producer's secret weapons.

- Isaac Slama | Hi Style Records

Oh my god, it's unbelievable, perfect work! This is a milestone.

-Marph | Electrixx

I just got out of the studio and wanted to let you know how much I am digging this. Noise channels are great and master with gate is an awesome feature. I tried this on vocals and instruments. Very cool.

I tried the Digital resolution on the Kick drum and it's amazing. Adds a presence that I've never heard before. The whole unit seems to be tight and solid. It is a lot of fun to try things I would never think of doing until I got this. It will inspire some incredible sonic idea's! Great job! I Love it!

-Fred Coury / Cinderella / Winner of LA Music Awards Career Achievement in Rock Drumming.

In spite of the fact that a lot of the parameters deal with sonic degradation in one form or another, it's got this wonderful soft analogue-ish sound to it. Nice work.

-SongMonkey on forum

In short: It. Is. BRILLIANT!

After a few hours now of treating drums: Brilliant plug-in- lots of room to shape and twist with all those parameters, very well laid out, and great sound!

I really like the sound of it, it's the first "vinylizer"-plugin I've tried that instantly gives THAT vinyl sound, very convincing! There is some sort of distortion happening that I've never heard in any other plugin.

-living sounds

After working with one of my tracks it was obvious Sonitex STX-1260 is going to be a must have product. It definitely has a mojo and tweak factor that the other myriad software that does lo fi is not managing to achieve. Something I cannot quite put my finger on but sounds awesome. Thanks for this startling and flexible software.

- Barry Gardner | SafeandSound Mastering
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