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Below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

General Questions

Are any of your plug-ins Mac compatible, or do you plan to make Mac versions?
The short answer is no.

All our plug-ins are currently Windows VST only and there are no current plans for any Mac versions. We use a PC-only development environment that allows us to prototype, develop and finetune our plug-ins very quickly in a relevant musical context, and directly hear the result of every choice made in the algorithms. It's a workflow that suits our style of development very well. It’s simply not possible to port current plug-ins to Mac at this point without serious investments and years of work, and we’d rather focus on more creative work.
What kind of copy protection do you use? Do I need a dongle?
No dongle required to run our plug-ins. No restrictive challenge/response system either.

We use simple serial numbers to unlock the plug-ins. When you purchase a Tone Projects product, you'll receive an automated response within minutes containing your user-name, serial number and download link for the installer. That's it! Simple, quick and flexible. You'll be able to install your plug-ins on any new PC even if we're long gone... not that we're planning to go anywhere.
Can I install your product on multiple computers without violating the license agreement?
You may install the program on as many of your computers as needed, provided that the program is used on only one computer at a time.
Do you allow license transfers?
Currently we do not allow license transfers. It is however something we want to support in the future, and we are investigating how to best set up a system to handle this.

Questions about Compadre beatpuncher

How do I set up compression using external sidechain?
The exact procedure depends on the host you are using. You need to make sure that your host support multi-input plug-ins (which most do nowadays), and allow you to route audio to the specific inputs.

The basic idea is to insert Compadre (SC version) on the track you want to compress. Compadre will process the input received at channel 1+2. To hook up an external sidechain simply route the signal you want to use as trigger to the Compadre SC channel 3+4 and enable KEY IN on Compadre.

More questions will follow.. If your question is not here, send us a mail.
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