License Transfer

To transfer ownership of your Tone Projects plug-in to another person, please follow the guidelines on this page. If you’re unsure whether you can transfer your license, please write us at and we’ll be happy to help you out.


NFR licences and plug-ins purchased with an Academic/Educational discount are not transferrable.


Licenses purchased as part of a bundle (or later upgraded with bundle discount) can only be transferred as the whole bundle to the same person, not as individual plugins.

Eligibility Period:

A license can't be transferred until 90 days after the purchase.

Transfer Fee:

We charge an administration fee of $25 per plugin license, to be paid by the current owner.

How to transfer your license:

  1. Revoke the license for the plugin you’re transferring and copy the confirmation code.
  2. Complete the form below to submit your transfer request.
  3. Upon receiving the completed form, we will process your request. If it is approved, we will send you (the seller) a secure payment link to pay the transfer fee.
  4. Once this payment is received, we will complete the transfer and send the buyer a link to register an account and access the plugin. We will also send you an email to inform you about the completed transfer.

Please allow up to 3 business days for processing. Tone Projects claims the right to reject license transfers. Please make sure that you provide the correct information when requesting a license transfer.


Note: this shoud be the email address registered with your account. Try loggin in if you're not sure.


License(s) To Transfer

Transfer Fee

A payment link will be emailed to you once the transfer request has been approved.

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